So, what is this Sarahs Meltdown thing all about?

Is it news? Is it chat? Is it out loud wonderings? Is it a forum? Is it a town square? Is it really, really local and neighborhoody? Is it personal? Is it story telling and information sharing?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

It’s yours. It’s ours. It’s a whole new way to share news and information.

www.sarahsmeltdown.com is  very local news, very personal, conversation and shopping place. It is, for now, a work in progress. We got going, and we’re still finding our way.

www.sarahsmeltdown.com needs “citizen journalists;” that is, non-professional reporters and photographers, or, in other words, most of us. But meltdown’s topics, discussions and credibility will be often stoked by Staff Writers whose beats produce all sorts of news, tidbits and thoughtful analysis.

The theory: stories about your community will trigger sarahsmeltdown.com discussions, comments and postings. Staffers, with their expertise, will kick off conversations about their stories and/or events they’ve seen.

sarahsmeltdown.com is a filter, too. We’ll bring together local news from a variety of sources and link you to government, school, neighborhood organization and community action Web sites.

In the parlance of modern journalism, buzz is “hyperlocal.” The news, events, calendars, discussions and advertising that will take place in the new buzz world will be focused on specific neighborhoods in Minneapolis and St. Paul and, in the future, on specific suburbs.

For now, sarahsmeltdown.com is zeroing in on large swath of neighborhoods and communities. As participation builds, we’ll narrow neighborhoods even more. Ideally, in the future, every neighborhood will have its own sarahsmeltdown.com page and its own collection of stories, events and conversations.

This could get interesting.In a way, sarahsmeltdown.com is, sort of, a 21st century delivery source of old-fashioned small town and community news.

In another way, sarahsmeltdown.com is brand new because the community writes some of that news, staffers can interact with users, debate with users, and then everyone can converse about it.

That’s the concept. Got it?

sarahsmeltdown.com then, is as much a tool for local communication as it is just another “publication.”

sarahsmeltdown.com belongs to those who show up, write and post photos. The hope is to add audio and video postings.

If you are a community activist, an educator, a gadfly, a business leader, high school newspaper editor, head of a faith community, a park and rec board member, the PTA president . . . anyone who knows about your community, become a sarahsmeltdown.com contributor. Contributors get their own “bylines,” and their entries will be prominently posted on the sarahsmeltdown.com site. Let us know if you want to converse and post news at that level of commitment.

Other folks can simply comment on the news and join conversations.