Feud Forms Over Function-Fiefdoms

Finally! Apparently the Mayor would be willing to “stomach a few extra months of traffic congestion” on your behalf if it meant a thorough study of the light-rail options for the 35W bridge. Here’s the interesting quote: “I believe a large number of people want this bridge to symbolize the rebuilding of a community in […]

Post-weekend thoughts from a retailer

I retail Christmas ornaments this time of year and it’s usually a pretty good gig. We sell the kind that get personalized and we’ve developed a pretty good following over the years. Despite all the clatter about the soft economy and dire straits of seemingly every company in America, we’re doing fine and happy to […]

Practicing What We Preach… Or Not

As someone who has lived abroad, I have lived under different, “rules,” whether laws or cultural practices and everything in between. As much as I tried to play by those different, “rules,” however, I inevitably failed to always play by those, “rules;” sometimes accidentally, sometimes intentionally. At the same time, while I lived abroad, nearly […]

Leave it be?

Here’s a rather provocative suggestion from a member of the buzzerati – Don’t rebuild the bridge. My boring, grindingly practical take: I don’t think it’s workable. You can’t fill in the trenches and expect the neighborhoods to knit back together – and even if they did, the loss of the freeway would render the core […]

Religion and Islam

All religions world-wide are based soley on “faith” and “beliefs” not on any evidence or fact. And, while America has been extremely tolerant of the various “faiths” and “beliefs” that are brought to this country by others or created in this country by those who would play on people’s emotions, there comes a time when […]

“Local Headlines” in haiku

In honor of the text box that no longer updates: Minneapolis will pay you to buy a house: realtors shout “Hooray!” Representative fighting Cuba embargo: “Castro needs the dough!” Housing fair may be the last one of its kind–no! See headline above. Audience laments: “Goodbye, Oak Street Cinema!” The screen has gone dark. Director hopes […]

As Seen On TV

Your host will be occupied today with the startribune.com’s live coverage of the Senate recount. Just like “Broadcast News,” except I don’t know if I’ll be cucumber-cool William Hurt or sweat-drenched failure-boy Albert Brooks. Tune in and find out – although you’ll really want to stop by to hear the smart guys dissect the process […]

Speaking of Home

Public Art Exhibit in Skyway between IDS and Macy’s. It features the images and stories of immigration for a number of Minnesotans. It represents the diversity of the Minnesota population. The exhibit is free and open during business hours. Very moving and important.

Miscreant Roundup

Brief roundup of crime highlights, as reported by the Startribune.com. Things you can now do without getting a ride in a squad car: “Trespassing. A man called police because he had detained two people who were on the roof of Gasoline Alley, 10300 Central Av. NE. The two suspects had brought a ladder with them […]

Evangelist Chuck Cofty Victory Baptist Church

Evangelist Chuck Cofty, a decorated war veteran, will lead a series of revival meetings at Victory Baptist Church , 13560 63rd Avenue North, Maple Grove. Victory Baptist is located on Bass Lake Road, 1 block west of Interstate 494. Doctor Cofty will speak on Sunday at 11:00AM and 7:00PM, and will speak at 7:00PM. Monday-Friday.