New Strain of Stockholm Syndrome Discovered in Hässleholm

Credit for finding this story belongs to Los Jalops of Jalopnik, and boy, is this one just plain weird.

Roger Tullgren, 42, of Hässleholm, Sweden, is now the first person in his native country to receive disability benefits due to, of all things, his addiction(?) to heavy metal music.

Apparently, his taste in music is so debilitating (leave your hearing aid jokes at the door, folks) that Tullgren found himself unemployed and on welfare after missing work numerous times in order to attend various rock shows and music festivals. However, after long consideration by occupational psychologists, Tullgren agreed to sign a piece of paper stating that his heavy metal lifestyle weighed down his chances of holding a job.

There’s more, but just click the second link to read the entire piece… this is just too much.

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