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A Sunday Drive at the Autumn Equinox

I’m sure some of you actually go out on a Sunday drive, so my question is this: What do you drive, and where do you go? That pic up there is the 2008 Audi S5. Not my picture–comes from Wikipedia–but the car is my current fantasy Sunday cruisemobile. Just so you know.

Feud Forms Over Function-Fiefdoms

Finally! Apparently the Mayor would be willing to “stomach a few extra months of traffic congestion” on your behalf if it meant a thorough study of the light-rail options for the 35W bridge. Here’s the interesting quote: “I believe a large number of people want this bridge to symbolize the rebuilding of a community in […]

Leave it be?

Here’s a rather provocative suggestion from a member of the buzzerati – Don’t rebuild the bridge. My boring, grindingly practical take: I don’t think it’s workable. You can’t fill in the trenches and expect the neighborhoods to knit back together – and even if they did, the loss of the freeway would render the core […]

The Blues Brothers?

What’s with the picture of the Blues Brothers? We were around all this past weekend, you might have seen us. Let me tell you a tale… Our friend Jordan turns 40 this year. We decided to make it a special event; after running through different ideas, we settled on the notion of having him go […]

Richfield – No room for sidewalks and bike paths for suburban lifestyle

Richfield for decades like many older inner ring suburbs have held on to the notion that no sidewalks in the community is a status symbol, suburban living at its finest. After a November 28th meeting at Richfield City Hall on the redesign of 75th-76th Streetscape it appears the community has moved little on that notion. […]

Let your cell phone take you places!

A Twin Cities start-up sends dining deals to the shopper’s cell phones. In the last 10 years, cell phone use has become wide spread. Text messaging is the second most used feature next to voice calls. Every cell phone is ready to send and receive text messages and the fees, if exist, are cheap. A […]

Yesterday’s Future

To end today’s highway discussion: a look at the Future of Roads, from an early 1960s artist. Dark forbidding underground roads, a crime-plagued plaza overhead patrolled by Orwellian police helicopters! Of course, that’s not what the cutline says, but unless this is some far-distant Star Trek future where everyone wears silver jumpsuits and planet-wide enlightenment […]

A Bridge Falls, A Memory Fades

Where are the protests? Where are the disgruntled and angry suburbanites, the 25 percent of the metro area who owed their livelihood to crossing 35W at that very spot? Why are they not at neighborhood meetings demanding the bridge be rebuilt, why are they not at the forefront of the discussion? It seems lately in […]

It’s Baaaaaaack

In honor of its 25th anniversary, a certain movie will be played in select theaters nationwide this Thursday, October 4th, at 7:30 PM local time. When you click on the link, there is a box on the right where you can enter your zip code to see what theaters near you will be hosting the […]

In memory of murdered bicyclist

The last ride of Mark Loesch will be recreated in a bike/walk Wednesday night. Here’s the announcement. Mark Loesch Memorial Walk/Bike Residents of the Kingfield Neighborhood would like to honor and remember Mark Loesch.  We will retrace Mark’s last bike ride as close as we know. We will walk/bike from MLK Park to the 3700 […]