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Richfield – No room for sidewalks and bike paths for suburban lifestyle

Richfield for decades like many older inner ring suburbs have held on to the notion that no sidewalks in the community is a status symbol, suburban living at its finest. After a November 28th meeting at Richfield City Hall on the redesign of 75th-76th Streetscape it appears the community has moved little on that notion. […]

Johnson Meat site news

I was surprised to learn there’s “a vision for the former Johnson Meat Co. site.” I thought the site was still occupied by Johnson Meat. It wasn’t the sort of building you study every day when you pass, which is why I probably didn’t notice its demolition. Good thing I took pictures a few summers […]

Updale Today (Literally)

Just popped over to Uptown to take some shots of the buildings slated for demolition. They’re less historic than thought; no big loss. I did step inside to see what Calhoun Square looks like now. Very eighties. It’s a place where a fellow could go to be alone, let’s put it that way. The second […]

Buzzland Question of the Day – The Last Question, Buzzvac Edition

Hello. Friday is the Grand Reset of Buzzland, or, as Encyclopædia Dramatica would call it, “DELETE !@#$%^&* EVERYTHING” Day. So, before James pushes the plunger and sets the remains ablaze in a Viking funeral–so that Buzz v2.0 may rise from the ashes like the phoenix of yore–one last question: What was your favorite memory about […]

A New Dishwasher: Another Plumbing Story

So I installed a new dishwasher last night. That, of course, no more conveys the essense of what happened than saying the USA went to the moon in 1969. So let me elaborate a bit on this. First, the dishwasher we used to have came with the house. We bought the house in 1997, and […]