Buzzland Question of the Day – Useless Vestigial Organ Edition


By the time you read this, I will be preparing for my own dental adventures; namely, the removal of all four of my wisdom teeth.

The reason: One is decayed completely, one is starting to, and my dentist suggested to chuck the whole lot anyway.

Alas, I has no Twitter/iPhone on me (Amended: I has a Twitter now; still no iPhone/iPod touch, however), so no dental lulz like the show Herr Editor performed a couple of days ago. Of course, even if I had the means to get to the end, I would not be able to because I will be out cold for approximately 45 minutes, which the surgeon says is how long it’ll take to take care of business.

Oh, here’s some lulz: each tooth costs my dental insurance provider $225 to remove. Add the 45 minutes of general anesthesia, and my yearly benefit of $1,500–already used a bit at the dentist’s office near where I work–is maxed out into the red.

Luckily, the monetary blood loss is only $35, due when I arrive for the extraction.

So, here’s the question: Have you had a useless organ or two removed? If so, how’d it go? If not, how so?

Anyway, here’s some Joy Division sandwiched between a weird British poet on a escalator Happy Weekend, y’all!

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