Learn About Snapchat

In today’s world, technology has taken over, especially social media. Businesses and companies alike are using the Internet to promote their companies, as opposed to traditional methods. Many young people prefer to utilize this type of technology to keep in touch and share photos, with others around the world. You have probably heard the ravings […]

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Ozone Update. Or not

This will strike many as irresponsible, I suppose, but it seems part & parcel of our new modern condition, Weathernoia. I’ve been reading all day about the OZONE ALERT, and I’m surprised the sirens didn’t go off. The advisory “means that conditions are nearing the stage” – nearing, mind you, but not there yet – […]

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Retro Xmas Ad: the All-Electric Freshman

It’s the new “All-Electric” radio. I don’t know enough about radio to ask what the old partially-electric radios were like. I think they might mean the crystal sets that required a mile of wire, a cat’s whisker, and some probes hooked up to a potato. You’d think all radios were electric by 1929, the year […]

New Strain of Stockholm Syndrome Discovered in Hässleholm

Credit for finding this story belongs to Los Jalops of Jalopnik, and boy, is this one just plain weird. Roger Tullgren, 42, of Hässleholm, Sweden, is now the first person in his native country to receive disability benefits due to, of all things, his addiction(?) to heavy metal music. Apparently, his taste in music is […]

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Friday Indie Movie Thread

It’s difficult to be objective about a movie in which your daughter appears, and in which you were an extra, and she gets a credit and you don’t. Oh, it’s “A Star Is Born” time around our house. Local filmmaker Patrick Coyle’s “Into Temptation” had its cast-and-crew-and-investors-and-friends premier last night at the Riverview. Themain stars […]

Retro Xmas Ad

Most of the Christmas ads in the 1930 Star showed business-as-usual:  easy terms and shiny radios and thin stylish women struggling home with a dozen foil-wrapped boxes in their fur-draped arms. At the bottom of the page, though, there’s this: Special Hard Time Dental Prices. Upper or Lower Maroon Rubber. Extractions for three quarters. With […]

Sick of Breathing Dirty Air? Adopt the Sky

Did you know the EPA is considering stronger limits on smog in our air? Doctors and scientists say the new limits don’t go far enough. Now powerful polluters are pushing back, trying to stop any change. Here’s a free site that gives everyone a chance to make their voice heard: adoptthesky.org Everyone from kids to […]

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Morning Mystery – now with fictional goodness

“I can’t take you anywhere,” Lori said. She walked down the steps ten paces ahead of Lance. She didn’t look back to see if he was following. He sighed and reached in his pocket for his cigarettes. This happened every time he tagged along on one of her assignments. It wasn’t his fault she took […]

A Sunday Drive at the Autumn Equinox

I’m sure some of you actually go out on a Sunday drive, so my question is this: What do you drive, and where do you go? That pic up there is the 2008 Audi S5. Not my picture–comes from Wikipedia–but the car is my current fantasy Sunday cruisemobile. Just so you know.